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A Comparison of Applicant Tracking Systems: Greenhouse, Lever, Jobvite

Applicant tracking systems help business owners create a formal hiring process for the companies. This is a cloud-based system that streamlines the recruiting and hiring process, reduces paperwork and improves efficiency to boost your company’s bottom line. Applicant Tracking Systems allow Human Resource departments to manage the application process from end to end, simplifying an otherwise complicated process. It allows HR professionals to post job descriptions to be shared on websites, job boards and social media sites. Searches can be done through keywords in resumes and cover letters, which can be imported into the program. Candidates can also fill out pre-employment assessments with personality tests and skill evaluations.

We know you have a lot of options when it comes to choosing an applicant tracking system. So we’ve done the work for you and put together a comparison of three of the top systems: Greenhouse, Lever, and Jobvite. Below is a feature-by-feature comparison.

Before you sign up for a free trial of Applicant Tracking System, check out this comparison of the top three systems. Greenhouse, Lever, and Jobvite all offer enticing features, like mobile optimization and candidate filtering. And with free trials and affordable subscription plans, you don’t have to break the bank to see how these ATS can modernize and streamline your hiring process. Greenhouse does what it does best at an affordable price, but lacks some of the features available in more robust recruiting software. Lever focuses on providing reports about the health and effectiveness of your entire hiring process. Jobvite offers robust mobile capabilities to recruiters and managers on-the-go.


Greenhouse is one of the top 25 applicant tracking systems (ATS) in terms of market share. It’s designed for high-volume hiring, but works well for companies of all sizes. As a cloud-based system, it can help automate your hiring tasks, from collecting resumes and screening them to scheduling interviews and sending offers.


Greenhouse Recruiting Software | Recruiting ATS | Greenhouse


The modern recruiting software of the future. Today, Greenhouse is the leading applicant tracking system and recruiting software used by over 2,000 companies around the world to attract, hire, and onboard great talent.

Here is a list of features Greenhouse focuses on:

1. Makes hiring easy and efficient,

2. Lets you bring in a large number of candidates,

3. Helps you to filter out the best fit candidates,

4. Makes it easy to manage separate recruitments,

5. Sends data directly into your payroll system, and appointments calendar

6. Helps you to attract the passive job seekers,

7. Makes your evaluation process efficient,

8. Makes reporting easier to review and manage the progress

9. Allows to conduct the interview remotely,

10. Integrates with payment systems


On the other hand Lever focuses on providing reports about the health and effectiveness of your entire hiring process, from a holistic point of view. It’s focused on measuring how long it takes to get a candidate hired and how to cut that time down with its hiring analytics reports. Designed by recruiters, Lever’s applicant tracking system looks beautiful and is easy-to-use. It integrates seamlessly with your favorite tools. Lever is a hiring platform designed to streamline the entire recruiting process. The software is used by some of the world’s fastest-growing companies, including Square, Uber, WeWork, and GitHub. Lever helps companies find and hire top talent through an advanced recruiting software and applicant tracking system. Lever’s mission is to build a diverse, equitable, and inclusive organization by helping companies do the same.

Why Lever - Lever

The enterprise applicant tracking system is specifically designed for organizations with 100 – 10,000 employees and high volumes of job openings. Lever Enterprise was built to improve hiring at scale through automation, better workflow management and reporting, and integrations with other recruiting stacks. Lever automates every step of the recruiting process, from finding talent to hiring and onboarding all in one place. Also, the software increase your chances of finding a match by reaching out to candidates on social media: Lever Connect. There is a community of +500 hiring professionals, which allows you to connect with the people you need and start a relationship with them.


Finally, Jobvite offers robust mobile capabilities to recruiters and managers on-the-go. Recruiters can review, screen and schedule candidates from their smartphones, and hiring managers can make key career decisions even while away from their desks. Simple swipe-to-accept gesture makes approving candidates and advancing them through the interview process a breeze. If you’re a recruiter or HR professional on the go, you understand how important it is to have access to job data at your fingertips. That’s why Jobvite offers its customers mobile capabilities that allow them to engage with their candidate databases while on-the-move. When you sign up for the Jobvite platform, you also can download the Jobvite mobile app, which provides instant access to pertinent hiring and onboarding activities.

People have always been a fan of job searching on mobile devices, whch is why Jobvite is a mobile-first talent acquisition software that helps companies attract, engage and hire top talent. . Jobvite gives recruiters and hiring managers EVERYTHING they need in the palm of their hand. We all know how crazy recruiting can be and your mobile device becomes a lifeline while you’re out of office interviewing, pitching to clients, and attending networking events. It’s basically your command center where you can manage open requisitions and interview schedules, review candidates’ information or scores on assessments, watch candidate videos or listen to phone screen recordings, update candidates’ statuses, resolve conflicts between recruiters vying for top talent, etc. Users have immediate access to our CRM for insights on the entire hiring process from start to finish at every step along the way—even if you’re away from your desk.

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Takeaway: An applicant tracking system can simplify the application and hiring process for both job seekers and employers. ATS helps in multiple ways but it is critical that you get the right one for your organization., which is why may be a great ATS solution to look into!

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