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Flatwork ATS Features

Career Page & Job Listing

Your custom career page and job listings are built immediately with minimal design. Candidates can discover your job listings.


Step 1

Create an account.

Select the package that works best for you and create your company profile.


Step 2

Publish job listing.

Add your job listing details, define the applicant requirements and publish job listings.


Step 3

Evaluate candidates.

Share your listing on other platforms and start evaluating candidates in no time. We automatically score every candidate for you.

Custom Company Pages

Impress your candidates with a stunning yet minimal company page.

All your job listings will be listed for potential candidates to discover the right position for them.

Custom logo and banner

Company tagline

Full list of all open positions

Impressive page loading times

Customize each job listing

Each job listing can be customized per your requirements. Flatwork is designed for simplicity with our base template covering most cases.

If you need additional fields, questions and requirements, it’s as easy as clicking a button.

Ready-made listing template

Custom fields for short and long answers

Customizable requirement options

EEO compliance questions

Customize Flatwork for speed.ease.integrations.your team. power.your needs.

Whether you’re a small startup or a large enterprise, Flatwork is ready to create a custom solution for your needs. You’ll get dedicated support to launch your operation in no time.

Enterprise-grade support

Custom billing & contract options

Special onboarding for your organization

Talk to Sales
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